Carbon-neutral hosting


Memset makes intelligent use of technology to offer high-quality, flexible dedicated and virtual hosting solutions on a fair and scalable pricing model. It was the UK's first certified Carbon Neutral® hosting company and Britain's first Web host to join the EU Code of Conduct for data centres.

Return on IT

IT Retirement, Reuse & Computer Recycling

Return on IT

Return On IT helps organisations to reduce costs by the planned retirement of their IT assets, returns money from IT reuse, and recycles computers in a secure, socially responsible way.


The Waste Action Reuse Portal. Matches staff with surplus resources with those seeking resources, within or between organisations. Participating companies can choose whether to keep their resource marketplace private or open it up to other WARPit users.

In-Kind Direct

Product Giving for Social Good

In-Kind Direct takes items a company no longer wants and redistributes them to charities, social enterprises and not-for profit organisations. This helps companies clear valuable space and support their corporate responsibility goals, while helping charities by giving them a convenient source of the things they need to operate.

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