Voluntary Initiatives

The following organisations run programmes where vendors or buyers can commit to actions designed to reduce their environmental impacts. They are not based on formal standards, but represent a commitment to continuous reduction of impacts and/or transparency.

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Its goal is to facilitate a dialogue, supported by quality information, between shareholders and corporations from which a rational response to climate change will emerge. 

It provides a coordinating secretariat for institutional investors with a combined $57 trillion of assets under management. On their behalf it seeks information on  greenhouse gas emissions data from 3,000 of the world's largest companies. By publishing this data, it hopes to catalyse the activities of policymakers, consultants, accountants and marketers.

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One in Five Challenge

One in Five Challenge

WWF’s One in Five Challenge helps companies and government cut their costs as well as their carbon emissions from business travel. Participants commit to cut 20% of their business flights within five years.

The Challenge is a guided programme and award scheme which suggests practical ways to cut flying and use lower-carbon ways of staying connected.

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Down to Zero

Down to Zero

The Prince of Wales’s UK Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (UK CLG) in partnership with BIS launched an exciting new initiative in June 2012. Called Down to Zero, the project champions Joint Public Private Low Carbon Procurement Compacts as a way of forcing the pace of transition to a low-carbon economy.

Initially, the project has been restricted to three specific areas: transport, biomethane for heat and power, and catering.The aim of the initiative is to convince potential suppliers that there is demand for low carbon goods and services and to provide a blueprint for a new model of collaborative procurement that can be applied to progressively reduce carbon emissions.

The report invites a response from suppliers and stakeholders – especially SMEs - and aims to provide a framework for constructive dialogue to establish how best the private and public sector can work together to help bring progressively lower-carbon goods and services into the market. Those interested can complete the questionnaire found at the link below.

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The Great Recovery

The Great Recovery

The Great Recovery is a project founded by the RSA and the Technology Strategy Board to promote design innovation towards a circular economy. Launched in September 2012, it aims to build new networks to investigate innovation gaps and incubate new partnerships and is supported by a programme of practical workshops and events.

At its heart is a competition led by the Technology Strategy Board, who are investing £1.25million into new design and business partnerships that re-think products, components and systems that ‘close the loop’.

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Profit Through Ethics

Profit Through Ethics

Profit Through Ethics is creating a simple, powerful, flexible, public-facing identification mark for responsible business that the public trusts. It will empower people to make their consumption, employment and investment choices in support of good business.

Profit Through Ethics is a unique collaborative project that includes businesses, civil society organisations and individuals. Anyone can join.

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Sustainia is a global movement that aims to create a positive and tangible point of reference for discussing a sustainable future, push for faster adoption of sustainable solutions, make sustainable solutions appealing and inspiring, provide political decision makers with a new narrative backed by available solutions and concrete vision and provide positive momentum around global leadership on sustainability

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The B Team

The B Team is a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of leaders convened by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz to create a future where the purpose of business is to be a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. Working with a global community of advisors and partners, it seeks to catalyse a Plan B for business, to ensure the wellbeing of people and planet.

The B Team focuses on execution and action, accelerating and amplifying others' efforts by undertaking specific challenges where its collective voice can make a difference.

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Carbon Tracker Initiative

Carbon Tracker is a not for profit financial think tank aimed at enabling a climate secure global energy market by aligning capital market actions with climate reality.

Carbon Tracker won the Guardian Sustainable business Award for Innovation in Communicating Sustainability in May 2014 and in May 2015.

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Natural Capital Coalition

The Natural Capital Coalition brings together global stakeholders to study and standardise methods for natural capital accounting to enable its valuation and reporting in business. This is the business application of the G8+5 and UNEP supported TEEB programme, led by Pavan Sukhdev. This provides a compelling economic case for the conservation of natural capital and is the cornerstone of current Green Economy policy.

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Trading for Good

Trading for Good is a unique, free to join digital service encouraging companies to do business in more socially responsible ways. It was was inspired by the government’s ‘Every Business Commits’ agenda that encourages British businesses to contribute to society and offers advice, opportunities and incentives. Companies upload information about their activities on five key themes: supporting charities and communities, helping young people into work, improving environmental impact, working better with suppliers and making life better for employees. It is particularly aimed at small businesses, although there are no barriers to entry.

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