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Environmental Performance standard for desktop products based on IEEE 1680

IEEE Standards

EPEAT is a system that uses a clearly defined set of performance criteria to help purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select ICT products based on their environmental attributes. It is based on the IEEE 1680- 2006 environmental performance standard for electronic products. EPEAT maintains a registry of compliant products and operates a verification program.

The IEEE 1680 standard contains both mandatory and optional criteria. To qualify for registration as an EPEAT product, the product must conform to all of the mandatory criteria - this provides "Bronze" status. By additionally meeting 50% of the optional criteria, products can be designated "Silver". Those that meet 75% of the optional criteria achieve "Gold" status.

In 2014, an EPEAT standard for imaging equipment was introduced. This is the first standard to contain mandatory end of life criteria and is therefore awarded for a particular product in a specific country, rather than on a global basis.

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