ERP Directive

Energy Related Products Directive

Directive 009/125/EC on the Eco-design Requirements for Energy-related Products (ERPs)

Energy Rating Scale

The Directive aims to encourage manufacturers to produce products which are designed to minimise their overall environmental impact, including the resources consumed in their production and disposal. Where the manufacture is not established and in the absence of an authorised representative, it is the responsibility of the importer to ensure that the marketed EuP complies with this Directive and the applicable implementing measure.

In most cases, the imlementation of the EU Directive takes the form of an Implementing Measure. However, in the case of Imaging Equipment and Digital Set-top Boxes, a Voluntary Agreement has been adopted by industry. Both carry equal legal weight in term of the requirement for compliance by the industry.

In the UK, EuP legislation is overseen by Defra under its Market Transformation Programme. New measures are being introduced all the time, and are often subject to stakeholder consultations. If you wish to be kept informed about these, you can find updates here.

For more information about EU Directive 2005/32/EC on the Eco-design Requirements for Energy-using Products (EuPs) please visit the BIS website.

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