The Waste Hierarchy Duty

From 28th September 2011 it became a legal obligation to follow the waste hierarchy when choosing a waste option, and show you have done so when you transfer your waste to another business.

The waste hierarchy duty applies to both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

You should consider each of the following five steps in turn so as to choose the least environmentally damaging method of handling waste:

  • prevent - produce less waste in the first place by using less, keeping things longer, reusing products or machinery, or reducing hazardous contents
  • prepare for reuse - check, clean, repair or refurbish whole waste products or parts to reuse in your business or in another organisation
  • recycle - goods and materials that are of no further use to you may have value for others
  • other recovery - energy generating or biofuel producing businesses may need the waste you generate
  • dispose - burying waste at landfill sites or burning it without recovering energy is the last resort
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