Cost Control & Security


Increase security of your documents, reduce costs and waste with PaperCut.

                              More about PaperCut


Equitrac Office/Express

Reduce costs, increase document security and reduce
waste for your organisation.

                              More about Equitrac


Biometric authentication to secure document printing via fingerprint.

                              More about BioStore

USB Card Readers

USB Card Readers

USB Card Readers offer flexible ways to make identification at the MFP a quick and easy matter.

                              More about USB Card Readers


Print&Follow SE

Secure print release without the need of a server.

                           More about Print&Follow

Colour Control


Lock the colour copy function of your device to reduce output costs. 

                              More about Colour Control

KYOCERA Net Manager

Control sensitive documents and reduce your document processing costs.

                             More about KYOCERA
                             Net Manager

Data Security Kit

Protect the data that is printed, scanned, copied or stored.

                               More about Data Security Kit


Streamline and secure your document management.

                                      More about MyQ

KYOCERA SecureAudit

A solution that provides you a one stop security check of your device. 

                              More about KYOCERA

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