Biometric authentication for improved security

Incorporating biometric authentication so that users can securely release print jobs from the MFP using their fingerprint.

BioStore uses this information to create a unique ID number associated with an individual and this number can be used to authenticate with a device. The advantage being that there is no media needed (ID card).

The BioStore solution for print and copy release is fully compatible with Papercut MF which allow users to submit print jobs to a virtual queue and then release from their desired MFP.

A Biostore ID Point terminal, with embedded card and biometric reader, is connected via USB to a MFP running the Papercut embedded application and is also connected to the network via a LAN port. 


  • Add on to new or existing Papercut installations
  • Integration with Papercut embedded software
  • Single data store - users enrol only once
  • No fingerprint images stored


  • Increased Security & Confidentiality – documents are not produced until the document owner collects them. Use of biometrics adds a further level of security ensuring that users are positively identified and are not using someone else’s card or PIN
  • Flexibility & Efficiency – the solution makes it easy to log on and use MFPs
  • Control – the organisation can dictate what is allowed/disallowed, for example enforcing mono and duplex printing for groups of users, allocating printer ‘credits’ or balances and ‘costs per copy’, re-routing large jobs to Reprographics and deleting uncollected jobs after 24 hours
  • Cost Saving & Environmental Benefit – employing various levels of control can reduce total document production by a significant percentage, making the service both cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
  • Increased Productivity
  • Compliance with regulations – no fingerprint images stored


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