Colour Control

Reduce consumables spend in your business with KYOCERA Colour Control

Colour Control is an application for colour multifunction devices, allowing companies to regulate access to colour features and to control the cost of colour documents. After installing the application, the Multifunctional Printer (MFP) locks the display.  Black and white copy functionality remains unlocked for all users, whilst if a user wishes to use a colour function, he is prompted for a cost center.

The administration of the cost centers can then determine exactly if and how much the customer may use the colour features. If customers want to use only black and white functions, the entry of a cost centre is dispensed with, since the black and white functionality is enabled for everyone. In this way, access and cost of colour functions can be very simple and easy to control.

Business challenges

  • My consumable spend is getting out of control – how can I reduce this spend quickly?
  • I need to assign colour consumable costs to departments – is there an easy way to do this?
  • I need open access to black and white copying in our warehouses – is there a way to do this without providing colour copy too?

Your advantages with Colour Control

  • Cost attribution – access and cost control of colour features.
  • Easy to use – no pin for black and white copying, only for colour.
  • Saves money - saves on toner and copying costs

Features & Specifications

Lock down your KYOCERA device quickly and easily with Colour Control. Restricting access to colour copying is simple, whilst black and white copying is un-restricted to all users. Cutting cost immediately, and introducing departmental cost attribution.

Supported Devices

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