KYOCERA Cloud Direct

Connect to the Cloud from your device

Requiring access to documents wherever and whenever is now the norm. With many organisations choosing Cloud storage as their primary storage method, employers are now looking for the easiest way for their employees to access the Cloud and their saved documents.

KYOCERA Cloud Connect Workflow

Business challenges

  • When visiting satellite offices, I tend to save the documents I require to the Cloud – can I retrieve them easily without my PC? 
  • When digitising my documents, I first scan them into my PC and then upload them to the Cloud – isn’t there a faster way?
  • Data security and user authentication is crucial to my business - are Cloud services really secure?

Your advantages with Cloud Print

  • Print without a computer: You can easily access and print your documents stored in Google Drive™, Dropbox and OneDrive from any KYOCERA HyPAS™ enabled device.
  • Take the shortcut: Cloud Direct enables you to scan documents directly into your Cloud account, without using a PC.
  • Data security and user authentication: Tie your Cloud storage log-in with user authentication such as PaperCut and the security of your data is ensured along with providing single sign-on.

Features & Specifications

KYOCERA Cloud Direct is your Cloud storage and internet fax hub, providing a bridge between your KYOCERA device and your documents stored in Google Drive™, Dropbox and OneDrive. Allowing users to scan to and print from their Google Drive™, Dropbox and OneDrive account.

Cloud Direct also provides a connection to internet fax providers, meaning users can scan a document and send via internet fax to a recipient.

  • Scan to Cloud – upload scanned documents directly to your Google Drive™, Dropbox and OneDrive Cloud account.
  • Print from Cloud – access your documents directly from the panel of your HyPAS™ enabled device.
  • Scan to fax – scan documents to fax via internet fax.
  • Supported languages - the application can be set up in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Japanese.
  • Single sign-on - integrate existing print management software with Cloud Direct to provide single sign-on and seamlessly access documents in the Cloud.
  • No PC required - easy installation and usage without the need for a separate server.
  • Quick search - show all documents or use the search function directly from the HyPAS™ enabled panel.
  • File formats - JPEG, PDF and TIFF are supported for printing and scanning.

Print anywhere & everywhere

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, have changed the way we work and constantly give rise to new business challenges. Business life has become a fast-paced world, where documents are increasingly stored or even shared in a Cloud. KYOCERA can support all your needs involving mobile and Cloud services, whether it is printing from a mobile device or from the Cloud, as well as ensuring the security of mobile solutions.

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