Mobile Printing Made Easy

It is common for users to bring mobile devices to campus and work and want to print from these devices nowadays. Unfortunately, just as common are the problems that come when we try printing documents from a mobile device via the printer network at the place where we are.

EveryonePrint is a very convenient software solution that solves the problem quickly and easily and can be used with all KYOCERA printers and MFPs. It can be seamlessly integrated into all KYOCERA HyPAS MFPs. Installed in as little as 10 minutes, this combination makes printing from a mobile device as easy as browsing the Internet or sending an email with an attachment!

Business challenges

  • Sending a document to a network printer from a mobile device is complicated – is there an intuitive mobile printing solution?
  • I often need to print confidential documents from my mobile device – how can I make sure my data is protected at all times?
  • Users have varied needs and work with many file formats – how can I guarantee that any document, whatever its file format or size, can be printed?

Your advantages with EveryonePrint

  • User-friendly: EveryonePrint offers multiple ways to print from any mobile device. You can upload the documents via a web browser, send the documents as an email attachment or print them via a universal, quickly set up driver.
  • Data security: The documents are released only after the sender logs in with a PIN Code or an ID Card at the device. In addition, Everyone Print offers an end-to-end encryption option that effectively protects the data during the entire printing process.
  • Flexibility: EveryonePrint driver converts all types of documents into a printable content and works even if you have a mixed printer fleet. 

Features & Specifications

EveryonePrint has primarily been developed to answer the needs of colleges, but it can also be installed in firms and large corporations. Thousands of companies and organisations worldwide use this handy software on a daily basis.

  • Flexibility – Supports any mobile device, file format and operating system.
  • Seamless integration – can integrate with user directories such as ActiveDirectory, LDAP and print accounting systems.
  • Personalisation – Users can define their own favourite printers and give them nicknames to make printing even easier.
  • User Control – IT staff can administer the printer fleet, enabling groups of to use certain printer but not others (e.g. printers for staff and printers for students).
  • Supported Languages – User interface available in 13 different languages.
  • Integration - with Accounting and Print & Scanning Workflow software such as e.g. Kyocera MyQ

Legal notice: EveryonePrint is a trademark of Next Print Solutions Aps, Denmark

Supported Devices

EveryonePrint supports the latest HyPAS-enabled and HyPAS-capable MFPs.

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