Server-based solution for direct printing of centrally managed documents

It is a challenge for many organisations to provide frequently needed documents and forms in an efficient manner: they have to always be up-to-date, and quickly accessible by all relevant staff. Many organisations pre-print their forms and documents; however, the costs and environmental impact of throwing away unused or out-dated copies can be huge.

With KYOCERA QuickPrint we offer a server-based solution for the management Multifunctional Printer (MFP) and printing of forms, templates, and other predesigned documents.

QuickPrint provides a solution by offering immediate access to documents from the MFP panel for direct printing. 

  • Quick access to all needed documents and forms directly from the MFP panel
  • Easy to use - no computer skills required
  • Print settings can be changed within the application

1. The administrator defines central documents in folders.

2. The QuickPrint Server prepares forms, documents, and other documents for the user.

3. The user chooses any QuickPrint MFP and prints a desired document.

Business challenges

  • My hospital regularly changes our admission forms but pre-printing is necessary – is there any way to reduce costs?
  • Our delivery drivers need their job lists daily, but can’t always make it to HQ or a PC – can we distribute these remotely?
  • My company is running out of space to store our required pre-printed forms – how can we reduce this without impacting staff?

Your advantages with QuickPrint

  • Easy to use – access and print directly from the MFP, no PC needed.
  • Easy to manage – administrators update the documents whenever they need to.
  • Saves money – print documents on demand, no need to pre-print and store documents.

Features and Specifications

KYOCERA QuickPrint is a server-based application for the management and printing of forms, templates and other pre-designed documents. Providing immediate access to documents from the MFP panel for direct printing, eliminating the need to pre-print and then store regularly required documents.


Supported Devices

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