Is an easy-to-use network fax solution

ZetaFax is fax server software that allows users on a network to send and receive faxes via a central server.  It is an easy-to-use network fax solution, available for as few as 5 users, it can support up to 200 phone lines on a single server.

ZetaFax works with existing customer applications and infrastructure, and can send faxes four different ways; email, software applications, ZetaFax client and scanner.


  • Simplifies / automates the faxing process
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office, including Outlook making it as easy as sending an email
  • Put together faxes from your desktop, rather than at a fax machine or MFP
  • Use pre-set templates
  • Simple attachment of other documents
  • Automated delivery by email and fax


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