Green Card

A pioneering environmental network

Back in 2000, we established the Green Card network - one of the very first communities of interest on sustainable business. At that time, it was essential for us to have a separate channel of communication for sustainability because there was not sufficient interest in the business community as a whole for this topic to be part of our mainstream communications activity.

During the life of Green Card we attracted almost 4,000 members to our community and kept them informed on emerging legislation such as WEEE and the Packaging Directive. We hosted numerous best practice sharing events and ran an awards programme that recognised environmental excellence from both private and public sector organisations.

In recent years, sustainability has risen sufficiently far up the corporate agenda that a number of excellent sustainability networks have been established; Kyocera belongs to many of these. In 2012 we completed the process of integrating our sustainable business messaging into our mainstream communications programme. These two factors meant there was no longer a need for the Green Card network as a separate community. But we are still committed to supporting organisations that want to minimise their impact on the environment and to remain at the forefront of social and ethical practice, which we now do through Greenlight and our social media campaigns.

We are proud to have been pioneers in sustainable business practice and we are grateful to all the Green Card members who contributed so enthusiastically to the debate over the years.

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