Greening Government ICT

In October 2011, the Government published four strategies covering G-Cloud, End User Devices, ICT Capability and Greening Government: ICT. These provide the environment and approaches to radically transform the ICT landscape to create a more productive, flexible workforce that delivers digital public services in a much more cost effective way.

The ICT Strategy is underpinned by a Reference Architecture that will enable delivery of interoperable and open ICT solutions that can be shared and reused, by providing common language, terms and descriptions which will allow opportunities for common areas of business, data, application and technologies to be identified.

The Government’s ICT Strategy and Strategic Implementation Plan aims to deliver better public services for less cost. Through reuse and sharing of ICT assets, the plan is to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce waste and the likelihood of project failure.

The Cabinet Office website contains a large number of reference documents.

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