Non-Genuine Toner

Why we recommend KYOCERA genuine toner for your printer

For optimum performance we recommend genuine KYOCERA Document Solutions toner, which is specially designed for your printer.

Toner particles of the incorrect size can lead to poor print quality with streaky grey background or ghosting on the page. KYOCERA Document Solutions toner contains ceramic cleaning beads which are essential to ensure the printer drum is clean and particle free. This is particularly important as our drums are designed to last several hundred thousand copies.

If you have purchased KYOCERA products on the basis of their environmental performance, you should be aware that environmental accreditations such as Blue Angel and Nordic Swan are only awarded on the basis of the equipment combined with original manufacturer consumables. Because the original manufacturer has no control over the substances used in compatible toner, you should not assume that the emissions produced by the equipment in use will comply with voluntary environmental standards if compatible toner is used.

A KYOCERA original toner will either have the KYOCERA Document Solutions logo moulded into the toner cassette or the toner will have a green KYOCERA Document Solutions label on it with white writing including our logo. For further guidance, please see the section on Non-genuine toner.

For videos which provide more information on KYOCERA Toner, please click here.

TUV's Findings on the Differences Between Genuine KYOCERA Toner and Other Non Genuine Toner

KYOCERA Document Solutions products are developed to give you best value, quality and reliability. In order to verify this KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe BV contracted the German company TÜV Rheinland to do a comprehensive test on image quality and efficiency of genuine KYOCERA toner in comparison to three compatible 3rd party toners. Click here to watch the video of those results.

How to recognise counterfeit toner

It can be difficult to identify counterfeit toner because the packaging often very closely resembles the genuine KYOCERA Document Solutions product. Therefore customers are often unable to distinguish between genuine toner and counterfeit toner. To deal with this problem, KYOCERA Document Solutions has incorporated special technology features (which have been in production since October 2007) to make it easier to identify counterfeit toner. One example is the KYOCERA Document Solutions trustgram on the toner cassette.

There are several indicators of counterfeit toner which we wish to draw to your attention:

  • Toners sold at a low price is an indication that they may be counterfeit.
  • Colours and materials used in the packaging may be different from KYOCERA Document Solutions genuine toner packaging.
  • Materials used in the counterfeit toners are most likely of poorer quality than Genuine Toner.
  • The method by which counterfeit toners are sold can differ from the way of normal business and consumer transactions.

Counterfeit toner

KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe has received evidence that counterfeit KYOCERA Document Solutions toners have been circulated, distributed and sold within the KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe sales territory, which includes the UK and Republic of Ireland. It is important to be alert to this issue because if a customer faces technical problems arising from the use of counterfeit toner, this is covered by neither the KYOCERA Document Solutions warranty nor maintenance agreement.

A counterfeit toner is one that bears the name of a genuine toner (in our case a toner that bears the name of KYOCERA or KYOCERA Document Solutions) but which is not made by KYOCERA Document Solutions. It is therefore being sold as a genuine toner but is in fact an illegal product because it violates KYOCERA Document Solutions Intellectual Property Rights. There are extremely serious criminal law, civil law, and administrative law consequences for individuals and/or businesses selling, distributing, or dealing in counterfeit products.

What to do if you think you have been sold or offered counterfeit toner

If you suspect that you have been offered or sold counterfeit KYOCERA Document Solutions toner then we ask that you contact us immediately via this email link.

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